Board of Directors

Members Position
Masoud Mehrdadfar Chairman of the Board (representing the Tamin Andish-e-Pars company)
Mohammad Hossein Ramezani Fokulaee Vice Chairman of Board (representing the Parsian Bank Financial Group company)
Vajihollah Saedi Member of the Board (representing Leasing Parsian Company)
Behzad Khajenasiri Member of the Board (representing Saba Tamin Parsian Company)
Ali Sa'adat CEO and Member of Board


Stockholder Name Equities count Cost of each share (Rls) Percentage Equities cost (Rls)
Parsian Bank Financial Group 4,997,970 1,000 99/9594 4,997,970,000
Saba Tamin Parsian 2,000 1,000 0.04 2,000,000
Leasing Parsian 10 1,000 0.0002 10,000
Tamin Andish Pars 10 1,000 0.0002 10,000
Amin Parsian Insurance Services 10 1,000 0.0002 10,000
Sum. 5,000,000 - 100 5,000,000,000
Company Employees And Experts

The company consists of 128 experts (senior engineers and expert in the justice system and engineering) in assessing buildings, machinery and equipment, aerospace, oil and petrochemicals and accounting and auditing, and 12 actual experts and about 30 potential people to validate and verify the credit information of customers of the bank. There are 45 evaluated experts in Tehran and 83 people based in the offices of this company in 30 cities of the country. The minimum education of the expert assessors of the company is an engineering degree in civil, oil and so on, with various trends and accounting, which currently makes up 65% of the total number of experts, and 35% of the experts hold a masters degree. The company potentially has the ability to carry out services with more than 30 experts of various specializations for technical supervision of projects.


Field Expert(s) Count
Real estate (Tehran) 26
Real estate (Other Cities) 83
Equipment and Machinery 6
Aerospace 3
Agriculture 2
Vheciles 1
Acountant 5
Customs 1
Office supplies and home appliances 1

The Kherad Pyrouz Consulting Company was established on 2004/2/4 as a special joint stock company and registered at the Tehran Industrial Property Registration and Registration Office under No. 216184. Currently, the main shareholders are the Parsian Bank Financial Group.

About Kherad Pirooz

The Kherad Pyrouz Consulting Company was established on 2004/2/4 as a special joint stock company and registered at the Tehran Industrial Property Registration and Registration Office under No. 216184.

our services:
1.Consulting, studying and managing information and communication technology and collecting and analyzing data and converting them into information and converting information into knowledge of development at the national level, regional and corporate levels by designing the system and providing software and hardware.
2.Review the technical, economic, financial, and legal justification of projects and activities and monitor their implementation.
3.Technical, economic, financial and legal appraisal, and appraisal of collateral and instruments accepted by banks, insurances, credit institutions and other similar domestic and foreign institutions.

4.Credit reporting and credit validation and providing credit risk point of all customers, banks, financial and credit institutions, and insurance, including individual and legal entities and facility applicants.

5.Doing prospective studies for identifying the indicators of these institutions and other international and designed indicators.

6.Providing management and consulting services in the various fields required by various financial and commercial financial institutions, banks, insurance companies and customers.

7.Standardizing activities, processes, products and services, and monitoring their qualitative and quantitative implementation.

8.Participation with companies and domestic and foreign economic Business , establishment and participation in new companies

9.Obtaining and granting any representation In and out of the country


  • The company's capital is currently 5 billion rials.

Activities in the field of studies:

  • Review the current status (Feasibility, Need assessment) of the Parsian Bank.
  • Preparing a Dynamic Model for Changes in the Financial Structure of Parsian Bank
  • Investigating and preparing a macroeconomic model with a monetary Orientation in Parsian Bank
  • Preparation of Validation and Classification Model of Parsian Bank Customers
  • Developing a dynamic model for predicting housing market variables
  • Participation in the preparation of the World Bank report on the study of the financial system of housing in Iran

Last year's company performance

Evaluation of 2.742 items of property in Tehran and the cities
Evaluation of 11 items of machinery and installations in Tehran and the cities
Evaluation of 5 items of vehicles in Tehran and cities
Evaluation of 6 items of administrative property in Tehran and the cities
Estimation of 2 aircraft units in Tehran and another city
Evaluate 3 items of stock valuation
Financial and technical observing of two project items
Provide financial consulting for 24 bankruptcy legal claims
Provide a number of feasibility reports
Providing 189 items of validation report in various industries for natural and legal persons


  • 1- Evaluation of movable and immovable property
  • 2- Preparing credit and validation reports
  • 3. Financial and technical supervision of financial and technical supervision of other projects
  • 4. Preparation of the justification report, technical and economic plan
  • 5. Financial Counseling Banking Cases

Contact Us

Royal Complex, 9th Floor, Number 903-904
Darya Blvd , Khovardin Blvd , Saadat Abad ,Tehran , Iran

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021 40880172
021 88362437-9
021 40880173-5
021 40880785-8
Royal Complex, 9th Floor, Number 903-904
Darya Blvd , Khovardin Blvd , Saadat Abad ,Tehran , Iran